Author: Emma van Kooperen

The Curious Incident of The Dog In the Night-Time @ Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

Southampton’s Mayflower Theatre has been a top destination for touring musicals for longer than we can remember and in recent years they’ve added top class drama to their repertoire. We sent Emma van Kooperen to check out Curious Incident as it arrived on the south coast! Continue reading

The Shawshank Redemption @ The Mayflower, Southampton

acm_6143-photography-mark-yeomanIt’s one of Hollywood’s great anachronisms, a movie that underwhelmed at the box office but came to define the burgeoning home video market, and all from a throwaway short story by an author better known for horror than drama. Can this new touring production from Bill Kenwright live up to the version we all know and love? Emma van Kooperen finds out… Continue reading

This House @ The Minerva Theatre, Chichester

this-house_7-kevin-doyle-phil-daniels-david-hounslow-matthew-pidgeon-tony-turner-lauren-oneil-in-this-house-at-chichester-festival-theatre-photo-johan-persson_06787Ahead of Headlong‘s new production of ‘This House’ heading to the West End we dispatched Emma van Kooperen to check it out in the cosy confines of Chichester’s Minerva Theatre. Continue reading

Fracked @ The Minerva Theatre, Chichester

Michael-Simkins-in-FRACKED-at-Chichester-Festival-Theatre-Photo-by-Catherine-Ashmore_061While we can lay claim to a lot of things here at Sitting In The Cheap Seats we’ve not, as yet, mastered the act of being in two places at once. As such it was a case of divide and conquer on Friday night as Matt headed to London to see The Fix (review here) while Emma van Kooperen braved the massed Pokemon trainers of Chichester to head to the Minerva Theatre, Here’s her report… Continue reading

An Inspector Calls @ The Mayflower, Southampton

tumblr_inline_o582vqaBHU1rgiv1h_500We’ve always been intrigued by Stephen Daldry’s highly revered production of this classic play but it has somehow consistently eluded us. Determined to cover it when the next chance came we dispatched Emma van Kooperen to report in for us! Continue reading

Sweeney Todd @ The Mayflower, Southampton

tumblr_inline_nwcvarLKai1rgiv1h_500When a production of Stephen Sondheim’s epic, powerful masterpieceSweeney Todd rolls into town it can’t be missed! So, even though I was laid up and unable to attend Emma van Kooperen made sure we could tell you all about Welsh National Opera’s demon barber… Continue reading