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King Lear @ Chichester Festival Theatre

It’s among the most rampant of theatrical clichés that every actor aspires to one day play Lear. Everyone it would seem, except Frank Langella who is quoted as saying “I’ve never waited to play any part. Things happen and I decide OK I suppose it’s time”. Indeed he has turned down Lear’s crown previously, but something about this production appealed to him and thus we find the Oscar nominated actor in the cosy confines of Chichester’s Minerva Theatre. Continue reading

Further Casting Announced for King Lear at Chichester

We wrote a little while ago that Frank Langella is to star in King Lear at Chichester Festival Theatre (you can read that here). Late yesterday afternoon the fine folks at Chichester announced further casting for what is probably the most exciting production in a superb 2013 season. The production will take place in the cosy confines of the Minerva Theatre before transferring to BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). Check out the new cast members below. Continue reading

Frank Langella To Star In King Lear In Chichester

tumblr_inline_mopdbkOkMK1qz4rgpHuge news from the fine folks at Chichester Festival Theatre today as they have announced King Lear will take up the end of Autumn slot at the Minerva Theatre. Continue reading