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Sunset Boulevard @ Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

I am big! It’s the pictures that got small
With those words we learn everything we need to know about Norma Desmond in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage adaptation of the classic Billy Wilder movie. Ostensibly an ode to the glory days of Hollywood and its first stars, this is really the story of a woman stuck in the trappings of her former life and unable to escape that she is growing old. Continue reading

Sunset Boulevard @ London Coliseum

tumblr_inline_o64mmndaJu1rgiv1h_500It isn’t often that you can sit in the theatre and be certain, before the show begins, that you are about to bear witness to something special that will be talked about by theatre fans for years to come! Continue reading

Evita @ The Mayflower, Southampton

It could easily be argued (and if you’re talking to me it would be) that Evita marks the moment that Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice really matured and took their rightful place at the peak of musical theatre. Sure, Joseph and Jesus Christ Superstar had been successful, but the sweeping scope of Eva Duarte’s story and the magnificently grandiose score elevated this work to a whole new level. Alright, we might have become a bit fed up with someone trotting out Don’t Cry For Me Argentina at everything from royal variety shows to church hall fundraisers, but when Madonna took on the mantle for the 1996 movie Eva’s story was once again at the front of the theatrical pack. Continue reading

CATS @ The Mayflower, Southampton

tumblr_inline_mocf6olNxf1qz4rgpCats is a strange show… Not really a musical in the traditional sense so much as a dance spectacular with singing. Admittedly the combination of Lloyd-Webber’s music and a slew of classic poems by T.S. Eliot is hardly a recipe for your standard piece of theatre. Continue reading