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Casting Announced For Wasted At Southwark Playhouse

Through the lens of a rock documentary, Wasted is a brand new musical that gives an access-all-areas account of the struggles, heartbreaks and triumphs of the three Brontë sisters Charlotte, Emily, Anne, and their brother Branwell.  Brought up in a remote, poverty-stricken town in Yorkshire, without money or opportunity, they fought ill health, unrequited love and family feuds to write some of the most celebrated literature including Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. Continue reading

Curtain Up – What’s new in the world of theatre?

Nice Fish Jim Lichtscheidl and Mark Rylance. Photo Credit Teddy Woolf. jpg

Jim Lichtscheidl and Mark Rylance. Photo Credit Teddy Woolf

When mass media batters you relentlessly with depressing news it’s important to have some counter-points to cheer yourself up. For some it might be sport or showbiz gossip – for us, unsurprisingly, new theatre news never fails to excite. Here’s some of our favourite info from the past week! Continue reading

Casting Announced For Allegro at Southwark Playhouse

We’re very excited today to hear that full casting has been announced for Danielle Tarento and Thom Southerland’s next musical collaboration. With Titanic, Grey Gardens and Grand Hotel the pair have proved they have an undeniable knack for making chamber productions of sweeping shows and focusing on character. Read on to find out who they’ve cast to bring Rodgers & Hammerstein’s lost treasure to life! Continue reading

Our Favourite Shows Of 2015


It’s that time of year again, when critics, theatre writers and bloggers all put together their lists of the shows that have most impressed them this year, so after a great deal of thought here are our top 10 productions (that we reviewed) of 2015! Continue reading

Grand Hotel @ Southwark Playhouse

tumblr_inline_nt53ssISlP1rgiv1h_500Okay, so I’m a little late to the party, you’ve probably already read a number of reviews of Grand Hotel all raving about it. I can honestly tell you though that they’re all wide of the mark… It’s even better than suggested! Continue reading

WATCH: Grand Hotel In Rehearsal

Check out this gorgeous take on “Girl In The Mirror” from Grand Hotel. A lovely vocal from Victoria Serra! Continue reading