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Our Favourite Shows Of 2015


It’s that time of year again, when critics, theatre writers and bloggers all put together their lists of the shows that have most impressed them this year, so after a great deal of thought here are our top 10 productions (that we reviewed) of 2015! Continue reading

Richard II @ Shakespeare’s Globe

tumblr_inline_nrya6u8yZd1rgiv1h_500Richard II is one of Shakespeare’s great treats and, for this writer at least, contains some of his most beautiful writing as well as one of the more fascinating storylines in the canon. Somehow though, this is my first experience of seeing it performed live. I’ll confess to having trouble picturing Charles Edwards as Richard.  I’ve always enjoyed Edwards’ work but this is a little bit different to his recent roles. Continue reading

Measure For Measure @ Shakespeare’s Globe

tumblr_inline_nqvdjfcaM61rgiv1h_500Measure For Measure is one of Shakespeare’s problematic plays, a comedy that can be difficult to come to terms with for modern audiences. The mix of bawdy banter and religious fervour is a heady one and Dominic Dromgoole, in his last directorial outing as Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe, gives both sides of the argument equal time. Continue reading

DVD REVIEW: Shakespeare’s Globe Box Sets

tumblr_inline_npl2soNq7W1rgiv1h_500I’m constantly amazed that these days if I miss a major production of a play in the West End I can generally pop along to the local cinema and watch it there or even in some cases but a copy to watch at my leisure. As might be expected the UK’s two premier producers of Shakespeare have been at the forefront of filming staged productions and when two box sets of shows from Shakespeare’s Globe arrived a few weeks ago for review I was delighted to visit a number of productions that pre-date my time reviewing theatre! Continue reading

Extra Tickets Released For Farinelli & The King

tumblr_inline_npim3vowOh1rgiv1h_500Onstage seating for the West End transfer of Claire van Kampen’s critically-acclaimed new play Farinelli and the King, starring Mark Rylance, will be released to the general public on Friday 5th June at 10am.  Additionally, further seats will be released for all performances, including accessibly priced £10 tickets located in all parts of the house.   Continue reading

Shakespeare’s Globe Announce Winter Season

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Exciting news from Shakespeare’s Globe as they bid farewell to Artistic Director Dominic Dromgoole with a winter season that brings together the plays thought to have been written by Shakespeare for indoor theatre and plays them out on the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse stage. Read on for full details… Continue reading

As You Like It @ Shakespeare’s Globe

As You Like It is one of Shakespeare’s most divisive plays, critics and audiences seem to either love or hate it with little middle ground. It seems to be a favourite of Shakespeare’s Globe too, this being their third production in the last six years. Continue reading

The Merchant Of Venice @ Shakespeare’s Globe

tumblr_inline_nnom2lXavC1rgiv1h_500You could be forgiven, if you didn’t know The Merchant of Venice well, for believing it to be a tragedy and more so for thinking Shylock is one of Shakespeare’s most caricature villains. Thankfully Jonathan Munby directs with flair, amping up the comedy without losing even a hint of pathos in what may already be the highlight of Shakespeare’s Globe’s summer season! Continue reading

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