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Cheap Seats’ Shows of 2016

13709907_1119983671406698_9162716454625310889_n2016 is nearly over and while we’re looking excited to see what 2017 holds it would be remiss of us not to reflect on the shows that have entertained us this year! Continue reading

An Enemy Of The People @ Chichester Festival Theatre

tumblr_inline_o6ottlquXl1rgiv1h_500There is a stark, depressing, inevitability to Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy Of The People. He rather masterfully makes us believe that one man can make a difference if he is morally right before pulling a 180 degree turn by introducing money into the decision making process of his characters. It is perhaps a more striking play given the current political climate and a timely piece for Chichester Festival Theatre to put on. Continue reading

For Services Rendered @ The Minerva Theatre, Chichester

tumblr_inline_nsq3zosmp21rgiv1h_500It’s fitting that in a Chichester Festival Theatre season that ends with three of Chekhov’s early works they also feature a play so indebted to his introspective, often melancholic style. Like Chekhov, W. Somerset Maugham has crafted a play that has a tendency to be fascinating and at times incredibly frustrating but that certainly deserves attention. Continue reading