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Dracula @ The Spring, Havant

We may be a little more than a week away from Halloween but Humdrum are offering up a classic slice of horror at The Spring to get people in the mood. As director James George...

Touched @ The Spring, Havant 0

Touched @ The Spring, Havant

Stephen Lowe’s Touched is a curious play… flat on the page, it comes alive on the stage! Lowe’s story of a trio of sisters, their friend and family and the curious time between VE day...

The Mikado @ The Spring, Havant 0

The Mikado @ The Spring, Havant

Ah The Mikado, perhaps the best known of Gilbert & Sullivan’s once ubiquitous operettas but now, like it’s kin all too often consigned to dusty church halls and sneered at by the theatrical cognoscenti.

Enchanted April at The Spring, Havant 0

Enchanted April at The Spring, Havant

There’s something charming about a play promising “Sunshine and Wisteria” on a damp March evening.  All the moreso when presented in the agreeably cosy confines of The Spring by the lovely folks from Humdrum. So, it was with...