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The Wind In The Willows @ The Mayflower, Southampton

willows-dress-1305I’ve had a tough week, the day job has been grinding me down and I haven’t seen the sun in days. Frankly, when I left the office yesterday I was thoroughly fed up and downbeat… but a short trip to the river bank had me practically skipping out of the Mayflower with a grin so wide I could feel it in my ears! Continue reading

The Fix @ The Union Theatre


credit: Darren Bell

There are times when theatre can seem almost too prescient, where a show can offer a glimpse into a possible future that seems a little too real. There are moments in Michael Strassen’s production of The Fix that make you wonder just how much we are manipulated by the public view of politicians, and just how much they are all hiding. Continue reading

Curtain Up – Our Favourite News From The Past Week

tumblr_inline_o8q3vnk1l81rgiv1h_500It’s been a while since we last shared a roundup of the news, but there’s been a lot that has caught our eye this past week and, well… sharing is caring!

So, without further ado, here’s our favourite news from the past week.

Continue reading