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Cheap Seats chat with Michael Strassen

michaelstrassenThe glitz and glamour of London theatre may appear to be in a bunch of beautiful buildings between The Strand and Oxford Street, but for me the most exciting and intriguing work goes on south of the river with Southwark Playhouse and the Union Theatre being focal points for new, exciting and impactful pieces. As such, I wanted the first interview on the site to be someone who is a key figure in this traditional theatre heartland (after all, Shakespeare himself lived in Southwark for a time).
Michael Strassen is synonymous with exciting, engaging and high quality productions at the Union and after being blown away The Fix I couldn’t wait to give him a call and chat about the past, the future… and the one show he’s love to do if given the opportunity!

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PREVIEW: Barnum @ Chichester Festival Theatre

tumblr_inline_mmdj9n5PRt1qz4rgpWhen your main auditorium is being thoroughly refurbished and upgraded (when we were there last week it seemed like everything bar the outer walls was gone), how do you go about staging a major musical with a sizeable cast and a lot of action? If you’re Chichester Festival Theatre, you head across the road and build a state of the art temporary performing space in a park. Then you decide to put on the perfect show. Continue reading

COMING SOON Chichester Festival Theatre 2013 Season part 1 – Theatre In The Park

tumblr_inline_mjhwutXU8w1qz4rgpI’ve always felt that I’m lucky to have been born and raised in Portsmouth (and you won’t often hear people say that), not just because of the wealth of great theatre, both professional and ‘amateur’ in this city, but also because we’re so close not only to The Mayflower in Southampton but also to the wonderful Chichester Festival Theatre! Continue reading