It’s Never Been Easier To Get Your Theatre Tickets

tumblr_inline_nu7rhaum1K1rgiv1h_500I’m often asked by friends and workmates why I’m so passionate about theatre and what got me hooked on going to see shows. I normally just turn the question back on them with whatever they are passionate about (live music, football and food are common denominators). Recent events in my home life have led to me thinking back to early theatre memories, going to The Kings in Southsea and The Mayflower in Southampton with my parents… having to send a stamped addressed envelope to the theatre with a cheque for the tickets.
How things have changed… These days a quick google search will bring up dozens of options for buying tickets, you can purchase through most productions websites, Amazon are in on the act and my fine friends atMyTheatreMates can help you out too (check the link here).
tumblr_inline_nu7rhoHNS01rgiv1h_1280There’s even an app specialising in a more last minute theatre buyer.TodayTix,, only offers tickets for the forthcoming week, updated daily. It’s a great little app and has made waves in New York. When it launched in London I was interested in seeing how it worked and thanks to the fine folks behind the app I was able to use it to see Miss Saigon on Thursday (review to follow). The app was wonderfully easy to use and  I was pleasantly surprised by the range of shows available in the West End and beyond.
It’s brilliantly easy to use and as well as offering ticket purchasing, they’ve teamed up with the producers of Kinky Boots and the Adelphi Theatre to offer a daily ticket lottery and the first e-tickets in the West End too.
So, if you’re planning on a trip to the theatre I’d heartily recommend you hit up MyTheatreMates to book in advance, but if you get the sudden urge to see what might be available go check out TodayTix!


Matt has been writing on all manner of subjects for over 15 years. He has written for a number of music magazines, made appearances on BBC Introducing and regularly contributed to local newspapers. These days he mostly writes about rugby and is passionate about providing insight into women's rugby! He also writes on theatre and regularly reviews shows across the south.

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